Update on Solito

Solito's mom got in touch with me a few times with feedback during the weeks following his third healing session. I was waiting for a new photo before I posted an update; although I'm sure both Solito and his human family got busy with life and enjoying his newfound confidence and forgot. However, this little guy came to mind today so I figure it's time to share her feedback: She shared this two weeks after his third healing session: Solito has been feeling much better lately. He is so much happier when I come home from work now. He has been hanging out with me on the couch at night and even goes to his bed to relax while I'm watching TV. He never did that before your healing sessions. About 50% of the time he stays in his bed in the morning much longer than he ever used to. I'm so glad you are able to help him! Then a week later … [Read more...]

Helping Solito

This little chihuahua / beagle mix is now approximately 14 years old. His mom adopted him 3 years ago from a shelter where he'd been for over a month. His former owner had passed away and nobody in the family wanted to take him in, so they turned him over to the shelter. Solito's mom contacted me about energy healing for Solito because while he had been a subdued and somewhat insecure dog ever since she adopted him, he had become even more so after their recent move. One example of this is how he would follow his mom around the house, getting up and going with her from room to room, always wanting to be in the same room as her. Solito received 3 healings back to back, with 21 days in between for the healing to integrate and flow through his chakra system 3 times. The focus of his sessions were on him feeling confident and secure as … [Read more...]

Life Changes Affect Our Animals Too

Relationships have been on my mind lately, all sorts of relationships between people - romantic, friendships, neighbors, business partners, customers - and how they can be fraught with expectations, disillusionment, in a word: complicated. Then I think of the bonds formed between people and their companion animals (focusing on the ones where the animals are treated well by their people). One of the reasons I'm an animal lover is that the relationship between people & animals is straightforward; they love their people and want to be with them, and all they want from us is our love and companionship. How wonderful, and simple! In a neighborhood where I sometimes take my pup Oreo for walks, we met a woman & her dog who had recently moved into that area. Her dog was friendly and calm, and our dogs had a good "meet-n-greet" - … [Read more...]