Feedback from a realtor

The following was emailed to me from a client who is a realtor in Oxnard, CA and posted with their permission. Thank you for sharing! "The Energy Healing is amazing! When I first heard of it I was intrigued, then when I learned that energy healing could be done on a home I decided to try it on one of my listings. Having been a realtor for over 20 years, I know that it's part of the business for a variety of things to happen with offers and during escrow. And while this listing was no different – there was an offer at listing price, then the buyer changed their mind, but by the end of the same day, the buyer's agent came back said they did want to go through with the purchase! The escrow and closing went quickly and smoothly from there. After results like that I had to try the energy healing on another listing. While hiccups did occur … [Read more...]

Please Share Your Experiences

Read others' comments and/or share your own observations of your feathered or four-legged friends experience during an energy healing session, or what changes you've noticed since your home, office, or other physical space has received energy healing by clicking here or by clicking on the Comments link above... If you're comfortable doing so, please share your animals' name or your first name, or if you prefer to remain anonymous, please put the gender & species (i.e. female dog) & City/State/Country. If you prefer to share privately with Debbie, please email [email protected] Thank You for sharing! … [Read more...]