About The Practitioner


Debbie is expanding her training and education in the art of energy healing as well as in animal communication, and not currently offering energy healing sessions. Please check back or click here to receive email updates.



A Brief Backstory

Debbie began exploring the concept that everything is energy and the art of energy healing in 2009. She started offering energy healing to animals and physical spaces in 2014. In 2017 her goals in offering energy healing shifted and her offering of energy healing slowed; in 2018 she began additional training and education in energy healing as well as in animal communication.

Debbie Gadbois, Rising Star Energy Healing Practitioner
It’s an honor to be able to help all beings benefit from energy healing. While animals that have been through traumas will definitely experience positive change – such as those adopted from a shelter or rescue organization who have been through lots of changes or had been in abusive situations – So will those that seem unhappy, have had a change in behavior, are “acting weird” or have had changes in their life, such as a move to a new home, an animal or human family member move out or pass away, or a new animal or human addition to the family or household.

Debbie’s Other Ventures & Offerings

Debbie sponsors LostCatVenturaCounty.com & LostDogVenturaCounty.com – free web resources to help lost cats & dogs in & around Ventura County, CA be reunited with their humans – as well as SupportVCAnimalShelters.com – a project to raise money to donate, and increase donations directly, to Ventura County Animal Shelters.
Debbie Gadbois also helps make it easy for you to have an effective website & to keep in touch with all your peeps as the Webb Weaver behind Webb Weavers Consulting & as a SendOutCards distributor extraordinaire.