Giving Back

Helping Animals That Have Been Adopted or Rescued; In Support of Service Animals Too

To help animals regain peace of mind, self-confidence, and let go of any trauma from their past now that they’ve found their forever home, Debbie offers a special discount on the first three healings to animals that have been rescued or adopted from an animal shelter or rescue organization. This special discount is also extended to K9 Officers and all service animals in support of all the amazing work they do in support of their humans. Please contact Debbie for details.

Helping Animals That Are On Their Journey Toward A Better Life

Animal Resources, Inc. is a vital intermediary between animal shelters and rescue organizations; they do the legwork of getting the animals out of the shelters and help get the animals transported to rescue organizations and foster homes. To help these stressed and scared beings, Debbie gives a Prema Agni Healing for each animal whose story is shared on the Animal Resources website.

Helping Support Ventura County Animal Shelters

When you purchase 805 Strong swag (t-shirts for dogs and humans of all sizes, as well as mugs, water bottles, tote bags, and more)
$5 for each item purchased will be donated to these Ventura County Animal Shelters: Santa Paula Animal Rescue Center, Humane Society of Ventura County, and Ventura County Animal Services. Discover the inspiration for this project here.

Debbie also donates to energy healing to animals in shelters and rescue organizations. If you would like animals at your facility to receive energy healing, please contact Debbie for information.

Helping Lost Cats & Dogs In Ventura County, CA & are resources for helping lost cats & dogs in and around Ventura County be reunited with their humans.