Max at Ease and Free of Pain

Soon after Max received his first energy healing near the end of May the infection in the tumor in his elbow started clearing up and his caretakers told me he seemed to be feeling better.

By the time of his second energy healing session in mid June they said Max seemed to be in more pain and refusing to take his medication. While my focus and intention during the second session was for Max to be strong and healthy, Max being free of pain and dis-ease kept floating into my thoughts.

Max enjoyed a wonderful life with his family!

When I facilitated Max’s third energy healing session on July 5th, I focused on Max being at ease, healthy, strong and free of pain. What kept coming into my thoughts during his session is that the way for him to be out of pain is for him to pass on.

I decided not to share those thoughts with his caretakers and instead to check in with them to see if Max would like more energy healing session. I heard from his caretakers a few days ago that they decided it was time to let Max go. They are having a Vet come to their home today so Max will comfortable and surrounded by his family as he leaves his diseased body and goes over the Rainbow Bridge.

It’s hard when any of our loved ones pass on. I’m crying as I write because I think of all my feathered & 4-legged friends that have passed on and I know that someday I will say farewell to those currently in my care too. It’s a blessing to receive the love and trust of our animal friends and family members. I am reminded to enjoy every moment I have with them. Love and Peace to Max and his family.

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