Oreo & Sophia’s shift

My cat Sophia had been a part of my life for over five years before Oreo (my dog) came into our lives. Sophia was about 6 years old and Oreo was about 2 years old. While Sophia had always stayed away from dogs, she accepted Oreo in our home and was curious about him, perhaps because Oreo is the same size as she is (both are 9lbs). My guess is that’s because he started out as a part-time visitor; and Oreo was a bit timid and simply happy to have the company of a human, cat and birds during the day.

Fast forward a few months after I had officially adopted Oreo, I moved all of us to a new home and in hindsight I’ve realized that I didn’t handle the move and adjustment for Oreo and Sophia well. That combined with shifting Sophia to being indoor-only, with a living space that had less light and sunny spots than the previous space, resulted in a Sophia kitty that was slow to adjust. At the same time Oreo became more confident and secure with his home and family, and became a bit of a brat toward Sophia. During the three years in that home, Sophia did slowly come around and assert herself with Oreo, but usually avoided dealing with him.

I did a much better job of handling the move to our current home for both Sophia and Oreo. Our space is also much brighter and spots for lounging in the sun can be found throughout day. The result was that both Sophia and Oreo adjusted to their new digs very quickly. And in no time at all, Sophia began getting her mojo back, which meant that she was more likely to put Oreo in his place when he tried bullying her.

cat and dog lying in the sun together without fighting after having received 3 Energy HealingsAll of this has been great progress, although one thing that remained was Oreo and Sophia fighting over lounging space in the sun. One of their favorite places is in front of a sliding glass door where I clipped the curtain up so that there is sun on the floor along the full length of the window. Since they’re both small, there’s plenty of room for both of them to lay in the sun. However, there is apparently one spot that is the very best spot, and one would often come get me to move the other one out of that perfect spot. Of course, I would let them know they had to work it out together, which usually resulted in a spat, with one no longer laying in front of the window.

They received their first three energy healings in May – June and I’m excited to share that after the third one, I saw that they were starting to share lounging space in the sun without fighting! They’re also doing better at sharing their snuggle time with me. They prefer not to have to lay next to each other, but they’re fine with one in my lap and the other next to me, or one on each side of me. As of this writing they’ve just received their sixth healing, and it’s exciting to see how their relationship continues to improve.

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