Oreo & Sophia’s shift

My cat Sophia had been a part of my life for over five years before Oreo (my dog) came into our lives. Sophia was about 6 years old and Oreo was about 2 years old. While Sophia had always stayed away from dogs, she accepted Oreo in our home and was curious about him, perhaps because Oreo is the same size as she is (both are 9lbs). My guess is that's because he started out as a part-time visitor; and Oreo was a bit timid and simply happy to have the company of a human, cat and birds during the day. Fast forward a few months after I had officially adopted Oreo, I moved all of us to a new home and in hindsight I've realized that I didn't handle the move and adjustment for Oreo and Sophia well. That combined with shifting Sophia to being indoor-only, with a living space that had less light and sunny spots than the previous space, resulted … [Read more...]