Please Share Your Experiences

Read others’ comments and/or share your own observations of your feathered or four-legged friends experience during an energy healing session, or what changes you’ve noticed since your home, office, or other physical space has received energy healing by clicking here or by clicking on the Comments link above…

If you’re comfortable doing so, please share your animals’ name or your first name, or if you prefer to remain anonymous, please put the gender & species (i.e. female dog) & City/State/Country.

If you prefer to share privately with Debbie, please email [email protected]

Thank You for sharing!


  1. I watched my bird while he received the energy healing, he acted like he could see & feel the energy around him, which is so cool!

    • Free Spirit Energy Healing says

      Thank you so much for sharing that Ann! I have a strong feeling that he can indeed see the energy move, in general animals are much more in tune with energy than people. I look forward to hearing about any other changes you notice.
      Warmly, Debbie

    • Free Spirit Energy Healing says

      I wanted to share an update about Ann’s bird, who as of the beginning of October has received a total of 4 Energy Healings. She had adopted her bird a few years ago & while he was very friendly with her, she wanted to be able to trim his nails herself and he didn’t like her holding him. Ann shared with me that after the 3rd session she was having an easier time holding her bird & trimming his nails.

      I’m so happy for this progress & thank you to Ann for your permission for me share this update!

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